Windows Phone Apps

Although newer to the market and less popular than iOS and Android phones, Windows phones are growing in market share. We have put together a highly skilled team of Windows app developers who have successfully delivered apps on Windows AppWorld. As you might expect, most of the Windows apps that we have developed have corresponding versions for iPhone and Android. Most of the apps we have developed in this platform were done for clients that already had apps in the other versions first and wanted to “complete” their mobile offering..

Here is the list of few features which we have already implemented in our apps

  • Wireless data transport using TCP Sockets.
  • Data storage on persistent store on Window device using Persistent Store APIs.
  • Use of Synchronization APIs to backup application specific data when using the Window Desktop Manager.
  • Code signing of Window application that use sensitive APIs.
  • Implementation of event listeners to detect when some native application is launched.
  • Determination of longitude and latitude using GPS on Blackberry devices.
  • Text messaging between devices using Bluetooth.