We have formed a team of programmers with solid knowledge in Android SDK, Java, OOD/OOP, JS, JNI, NDK and debugging tools. Our team is excellent in using profiling tools and shell scripting which is required at times to develop Android apps free of issues like memory leaks that can cause performance problems. Along with the development of android apps independently from scratch, we can port apps that you already have for iPhone to Android.

Here is the list of few features which we have already implemented in our apps

  • Chat application developed using TCP protocol.
  • Created custom Listener that “listen” to phone state changes.
  • Created dynamic UI by interpreting data received from a web service call.
  • OpenGL game programming.
  • Live Wallpapers.
  • Video Streaming from “http” URL source
  • Audio recording and streaming.
  • Widget programming
  • Map view integration and route plotting.
  • Bluetooth device discovery and pairing.