Digital Assets

“Properly optimized digital assets make every dollar spent in digital marketing more effective.”

Your digital assets are every bit as important as your digital marketing. Too many companies think of their website, mobile app, and landing pages as a “build-once and update every year or two” type of commitment. Many places a great deal of concern on the accuracy of the copy, functionality, the appearance and its fitness of brand. All of these are important, but they are not what is most important.

Your digital assets should create conversions. They should inform, educate, and guide visitors down a path to engagement. This path should be tracked and analyzed for improvement opportunities. They should be open to continuous optimization. The rationale for this is simple economics. The better your assets convert the lower your cost per conversion.

Responsive Websites

A website must be more than your business card on the internet. You want your website to attract visitors with messaging that is relevant to them, build trust and motivate them to engage with your brand and to lay the groundwork for a mutually beneficial relationship.

Every company is different, and your website should reflect your company’s unique purpose and values. Our team will assist you every step of the way to effectively communicate your message to those in need of your products or services. However, as we respect your uniqueness, we do believe 3 fundamental goals must be met for any website to be a great one. Your Website must be:

Mobile App Development

Working with a dedicated partner in Chandigarh, we have a team of resources who are experienced and effective in the development of iPhone and iPad apps. We have developed games, social networking applications, news, GPS/mapping based solutions, audio/video solutions, reference, business related and many more. Some of the apps developed by us have already had more than hundred thousand downloads.

Android Team:  We have formed a team of programmers with solid knowledge of Android SDK, Java, OOD/OOP, JS, JNI, NDK and debugging tools. Our team is excellent in using profiling tools and shell scripting which is required at times to develop Android apps free of issues like memory leaks that can cause performance problems. Along with the development of Android apps independently from scratch, we can port apps that you already have for iPhone to Android.

Apple iOS Team: We have a team of 18 highly skilled iPhone-iPad application developers with excellent working knowledge of the iOS SDK, Xcode as a development environment and Objective-C. The team has strong analytical skills which help in better understanding of the requirements. Add to this our US-based project managers and technical architects and we have a formidable combination of resources to deliver your iPhone/iPad app with the best quality possible.

Windows Phone Team: Although newer to the market and less popular than iOS and Android phones, Windows phones are growing in market share. We have put together a highly skilled team of Windows app developers who have successfully delivered apps on Windows AppWorld.  Most of the apps we have developed in this platform were done for clients that already had apps in the other versions first and wanted to “complete” their mobile offering..

Landing Pages

Our digital asset audit is designed to identify lost opportunities due to non-existent or underperforming elements in your digital asset portfolio. Included in this analysis is:

  • All websites and the elements of which they are comprised.
    • Copy
    • Images
    • Videos
    • Navigation Components
    • Engagement Facilitators
  • Landing Pages
  • Mobile Apps
  • Social Profiles
  • Business Directory Listings

We will identify any holes in your current assets provide a proposal for eliminating any obstacles to performance. The analysis will provide comprehensive re-design recommendations, content strategies and list of any missing elements required to support your business needs and objectives.