Digital Opportunities Workshop

The purpose of the Digital Opportunities Workshop is to expand and refine the road map of your digital teams by leveraging our experience and creativity.

These workshops give your digital teams an opportunity to work with us in a very positive, improvement oriented manner. The agenda for the workshops is somewhat straight-forward. We ask for a short presentation from the channel owner. Specifically we look at; strategic intent & the logic behind it, current channel partners and volume, the philosophical approach to distribution of resources, the current performance metrics, the competitive forces in the channel, and an estimation on the untapped potential.  We will take this information and use it as a basis for idea generation exercises where we introduce unexplored possibilities and revisit tweaks to past failures.

A single Digital Opportunities Workshop is composed of two 3.5 hour sessions and focuses on a single channel or asset.  It is preferable to do them over two mornings, but  a the workshop can be done  in a single day.  A comprehensive opportunities workshop is generally done over a 2 week period and begins with the digital decision makers on day one and finish with them on the last day.  Between those days we conduct single day workshops with channel teams.