Digital Consulting

You want to get better online. But how do you make it happen? Who can you trust to not only be competent at what they do but to also keep your interests above their own?

Here at Digital Cusp we specialize in Digital Consulting. Our owner, Martin Pippin is an MBA with extensive online experience. He has worked in the digital trenches in Consumer Product Goods, “Big” E-commerce, and Consumer Finance, as well as in other industries to lesser extents. He has managed 8 figure digital sales portfolios and 7 figure digital marketing budgets. Prior to starting Digital Cusp, he served as; Director of Digital Media & Marketing for Check Into Cash / Loan By Phone, President of HELO Online, internet marketing agency, and Vice President of Online Operations for DenTek Oral Care, and Director of E-business Development at

Aside from our digital experience, you will find us to be grounded in business fundamentals and surprisingly creative. More importantly we take your success to heart. We get very vested in the performance of our clients. We offer several specific consulting services as well as general digital consulting.  The special services include;

  • Digital Marketing for Executive – C+ level coaching for executives that want to become more digital saavy
  • Opportunities Workshops – 1 Day to 1 Week events where we explore & evaluate your the current digital roadmap with an eye towards missed opportunities.  This is a real “forest for the trees” type of excersise.
  • Digital Audits – In our digital audits we conduct either a holistic analysis of your digital strategy and execution, or “a la cart” channel by channel  audits.

Contact us to see how we can get you and your company “On the Digital Cusp”.