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“We’ve developed an approach to shaping digital strategies for our clients that result in defining prioritized, cost-effective solutions that deliver a measurable Return on Investment (ROI).”

Digital Consulting

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Someone that truly understands the complexities of the digital world and can help you make sense of it. This is where our digital consulting services begin, but nowhere near where they end.

If you have areas of concern in your digital assets, marketing, or reporting, contact us to discuss how the services that we offer can address those issues. Our consulting services span all areas of your digital presence. Whether you are a mid-sized business looking to make serious move into digital marketing, or an large company with an established online program looking for opportunities to increase conversions or decrease wasted ad spend, we can design a program that fits your needs.

Below are several defined digital strategy consulting services that we offer.

Digital Opportunities Workshop

The purpose of the Digital Opportunities Workshop is to expand and refine the roadmap of your digital teams by leveraging our experience and creativity.

These workshops give your digital teams an opportunity to work with us in a very positive, improvement-oriented manner. The agenda for the workshops is somewhat straight-forward. We ask for a short presentation from the channel owner. Specifically we look at; strategic intent & the logic behind it, current channel partners and volume, the philosophical approach to distribution of resources, the current performance metrics, the competitive forces in the channel, and an estimation on the untapped potential.  We will take this information and use it as a basis for idea generation exercises where we introduce unexplored possibilities and revisit tweaks to past failures.

A single Digital Opportunities Workshop is composed of two 3.5 hour sessions and focuses on a single channel or asset.  It is preferable to do them over two mornings, but a workshop can be done in a single day.  A comprehensive opportunities workshop is generally done over a 2 week period and begins with the digital decision makers on day one and finish with them on the last day.  Between those days we conduct single day workshops with channel teams.

that we offer.

Digital Asset Audit

Our digital asset audit is designed to identify lost opportunities due to non-existent or underperforming elements in your digital asset portfolio. Included in this analysis is:

  • All websites and the elements of which they are comprised.
    • Copy
    • Images
    • Videos
    • Navigation Components
    • Engagement Facilitators
  • Landing Pages
  • Mobile Apps
  • Social Profiles
  • Business Directory Listings

We will identify any holes in your current assets provide a proposal for eliminating any obstacles to performance. The analysis will provide comprehensive re-design recommendations, content strategies and list of any missing elements required to support your business needs and objectives.

Digital Marketing Audit

We provide digital marketing audits designed to shed light on best practices, pinpoint key areas for improvement and offer recommendations that upgrade your programs immediately. Audits are provided in the following disciplines:

SEO Audits: Learn how well the site is currently performing in natural search results (Google, Bing, etc.) and why. Uncover potential design and development issues that may be hindering the site’s ability to achieve optimal rankings. Receive a custom site improvement checklist to resolve technical issues. Get a content production and promotion plan to improve search performance and garner additional traffic

PPC Audits: Learn how effectively your active paid search programs are being run.  We will look into every campaign, ad group, ad, and keyword phrase in the hopes of uncovering any potential waste of ad spend as well as opportunities for higher conversions. We will dig into all your top competitors’ ad campaigns as well and find what they are doing right and how much they are budgeting/

Email Marketing Audits: Receive a diagnostic review of all email program elements including contact capture, design, frequency, deliverability, social integration, mobile compatibility, metrics, etc. Get suggestions for improvement and/or augmentation of the existing email program. Learn about new approaches to segmentation and opportunities to provide greater relevance to email recipients. Applicable for nearly every major email marketing tool including ExactTarget, Lyris, SilverPop, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and more

Affiliate Marketing Audits: Confirm analytics tracking code is placed correctly to gather key data and insights. Identify and enable tracking for key conversions, site goals and sales-oriented behavior. Receive a custom analytics report including important metrics, actionable insights and suggestions for improved website performance. We will also do a deep dive into potential campaign fraud activity.

Lead Generation Audits: Depending upon the nature of your lead generation activity, we can either explore the current program for possible inefficiencies. These can come in the form of overpayment due to ineffective price/terms negotiations or from a misunderstanding of the importance of specific datapoint segmentations for tier definition.